Best programs to create web pages

What programs to use to create web pages? We bring you what are the main CMS, programs and the advantages of WordPress compared to other web creators.

Have you decided to create a new website and there is no turning back? So go ahead. In these times it is very important to have a website if you want to be visible and much more, if you have a company offering products or services.

Currently, almost everyone, not to be absolute, has a website and you come across hundreds of articles, advertisements and promotions about its many advantages, and you, you want to take advantage of it too! The problem is that you have no idea where to start, do you?

Main programs and CMS to create a web page

Fortunately, with the current technologies and programs creating a website is a simple process, especially if you know the best tools to create personal websites or blogs. In order to make it easier for you in this post I tell you about the best programs and CMS to create a nice web page, as well as when it is advisable to opt for one or the other. In addition, I will tell you which is the best of all. So, get your hands on it!

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When you decide to create your website, you have a whole bunch of possibilities to implement your project, but personally I recommend that you opt for a CMS (specifically I recommend that you opt for WordPress). Now, maybe you don’t know what a CMS is? o put it in a simple way, it is a software that is used to create and manage web pages easily and simply.

Not only do CMS exist to create your website, you can also opt for some other programs that allow you to create your website without writing a single line of code, and with which you can easily design a website. Though they are much more limited in terms of what CMS offer you, if you don’t want to complicate your life, and you want to keep everything as simple as possible, it is a good option. I personally don’t recommend it.

Like everything in this life, you have to have some knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages before deciding. Nowadays, you have so many options that it is difficult to choose. That is why here I help you close the fence of more possibilities, and I will talk about which are the best.

In these times it is very important to have a website if you want to be visible and much more, if you have a company offering products or services.


In my experience, as a web developer and designer, there is no better tool to create your own website or blog than WordPress. The reasons:

It is easy to use: It isn’t too complex and doesn’t have any obstacles in terms of the learning curve. It is a CMS, with which in a short time you will be able to get along by yourself well, regardless of whether you have knowledge of codes or programming algorithms.

It is the most used tool worldwide for creating websites (more than 30% of web pages in the world are designed with WordPress). That’s why you will find tutorials all over the internet to make a web page with WordPress, communities of developers, designers, specialists exchanging experiences and forums, where you will find the solution to any kind of problem.

In addition, it is a very powerful tool with which you can create any type of website, despite its simplicity. The fact what reaffirms this is, that some of the most powerful companies trust WordPress to create their own web pages, such as:

The White House –

Sony Music –

The New York Times –

Group Renault –

The Walt Disney Company –

Before going on, I want to clarify something very important: and are not the same! There are differences between the two, although it may not seem obvious. In short, the .com version is like a managed WordPress, in which you only have to worry about adding content, the rest is taken care of by a group of specialists. But, although it sounds easy and wow, the reality is that it is quite limited, you can only do what they let you do. You do not have control over your website.

On the other hand, with the .org version you can do anything you want. For this, of course, you have to hire a hosting and you have to take care of everything (the installation process, configuration, maintenance, etc.), but as I told you before, it is very easy to use. That’s why our recommendation is that you always choose

WordPress Builder + Built-in Hosting - Elementor Cloud

Joomla is a great alternative to WordPress, even in some aspects it is superior. However, its popularity in recent years is decreasing, I have to make it clear that it has been developed with an emphasis on both ease of use and customization. In addition, both platforms have an extensive community of users and developers, making it possible and easy to find useful information for free on the Internet. Some of the most important aspects:

  • It allows much more advanced user management.
  • Your website is multilanguage without the need for plugins.
  • You can use different templates on the same page.
  • It’s a bit more flexible to display the content.
Website builders

It’s time to talk about the well-known web page creators, which are nothing more than software for designing a web with the drag and drop method, without the need of technical knowledge or programming codes. You will find them very easy to use and, in addition to this, since they work on their own platform, you do not have to worry about hiring a hosting, configuration, among other aspects. Some of the best known are:

But like everything that appears to be easy and cute, they have their cats locked up. What is the trick behind them? You cannot do what you want with your website, not to mention that it is the most expensive option of the three.

Now, based on my experience, my research and my work as a web designer and developer, I tell you which one I recommend to you, which is the best for you to build your own website. That is none other than WordPress. Of course, remember that I am talking about

If you need a website contact us

Advantages of WordPress to create web pages

It’s your website

First and most important of all is that it is your website. It is something that cannot be negotiated, since there are many hours that you will dedicate to your page until you achieve your goals. Imagine yourself being in a situation in which after years of working with your website, the company decides to close. it means that they close your page and you lose everything. Can you imagine it? Well, it is a very hard blow, that is why it is extremely important that you know, whatever you decide, if you own your website or not. With WordPress, even if the hosting disappears, you can migrate it (move it) to another hosting without any problem, because the page with all its content is yours.

It’s free

I could not miss the fact that downloading, installing and using WordPress does not have any cost. In other words, the only thing that costs money is hiring the server and the domain where you will put your web page. And I tell you not to see it as an expense either, but as an investment, because hiring a quality hosting is the best way to ensure that everything works well. Fewer problems will arise and you will always have a support team that supports you in everything you need.

It is easy to handle

I’m telling you that everyone can use WordPress, everyone. You don’t need technical knowledge, programming skills or going crazy with codes. Everything works through very intuitive menus. I am sure that you will learn enough to carry out your project and you will be able to solve everything. If you do not find a solution to something, there is nothing to fear, since with a simple Google search you will fill your screen with hundreds and hundreds of tutorials. They teach you how to do what you want.

When would using a website builder be an option?

I come back and I repeat that it will be quite complicated for you to find a better tool than WordPress, but we are free to choose our paths, so if you are inclined to design your website with a web creator, then I will tell you when it would be a real and profitable alternative.

For example, if you want to have a super simple web page, that you choose from a pre-designed web template, you add your content and you will not touch the web again for a long time. So, it is a valid option, although so is WordPress.

Or maybe you are considering that you do not want to have to worry about the configuration, since with web builders you only have to worry about giving your website the look you want and the rest is taken care of by the team of experts. And the configuration? There is no discussion there.

In addition, if you need a custom development, you can always contact us and leave us the project you want to carry out.

So, if you don’t want to worry about updates, possible security breaches, configurations and other aspects of this type, they are a valid option. Of course, remember that in exchange you give up being the owner of your website.

What is more important for you?


I can’t ignore telling you again that WordPress is the best tool to create a personal website or blog. It’s like when you’re looking for a product Good, Nice and Cheap. Well, here you go (It belongs to you, it’s free, it’s easy to use).

Although it is clear that there are other alternatives that are also very valid, you have the last word. Though, you know what my advice is.

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Rebelion: Creative Digital Web Design Agency

Let us know how we can help you?

Rebelion: Creative Digital Web Design Agency

Let us know how we can help you?

Rebelion: Creative Digital Web Design Agency
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