WordPress Web Maintenance

Give your website the security it deserves and take away the worry of being infected with viruses, having errors and losing information.

Would you repair your car yourself? It is much safer to entrust it to a mechanic, who is a professional and gives a guarantee!

The same happens to your website. Consider that web maintenance is similar to a car service in which your car is regularly checked, the tires are changed and the damage caused is repaired.

An outdated website with errors in operation creates a bad image and lack of professionalism; itā€™s easy to hack, very vulnerable to viruses, malware and is very likely to break. Worst of all, it leads to loss of potential customers.

We keep your website running smoothly

Take care of growing your business and we have your back; you wonā€™t have to worry about your website.

By contracting the maintenance service, you will have your website always updated without worrying about anything, both technically and content-wise.

Save time! Instead of studying for hours and days how to fix a problem or maintenance task on your website, use our service!

What services do we provide?

We offer you a quality service


Update WordPress, templates and plugins to avoid security flaws.


To be able to recover your website in case of any unforeseen event.

Virus & Malware

Virus and malware detection to be able to act in time in case of any problem.


You can make use of our licenses (Elementor PRO, WPML, Crocoblock...)

Broken links

We detect links that do not work and notify you.

Spam & Comments

We clean your WordPress of invalid comments and spam to have everything in order.

SEO Ranking

We will send you a report with your position in Google for the 70 keywords that interest you the most.


We will send you a report of the analytical statistics of the people who visit your website.

Improvement report

Improvement ideas for your website so that it can evolve over time.

Advantages of hiring our maintenance service

With our web maintenance service you ensure that you have a team that will supervise, update and correct the operation of your website, as well as advise and guide you.

Save time

Performing basic maintenance on a website is within everyoneā€™s reach, but performing professional maintenance is another matter. Because one thing is that you can do it and another is that if it will be easy for you.

Finding information, reading tutorials, contacting support, asking questions in the forums, staying informed of changes in WordPress and Google, is time you will invest in your website instead of your business. And you also save time of solving the incident.

Save money

Imagine that your website has a compatibility error, it crashes, you lose data and you donā€™t know what to do to recover it. You can always hire a specialist, who will charge you to fix any damage and redo what youā€™ve lost.

The time you must invest in this process, the time during your website will be down, plus the money you have to invest in fixing it is an expense that you can avoid. With maintenance service you make sure that this does not happen.


Knowing that there is a professional behind your website gives you peace of mind that you do not have to think if everything is correct.

That you can address any questions or clarifications to a professional in the sector who can guide you in the most appropriate way.